Final Farewell Last Call
By Member Michael Barney
October 1, 2023

Edgmont Township Fire Company is sad to announce the death of Past Chief Joseph Montgomery.
Joe joined the fire company at the age of 16. He played a vital role in the development of the fire company, holding a variety of positions over the years. He will be remembered most for his 21 years as Fire Chief.
Joe's service and dedication to the community was felt far and wide. Not only was he a life member of Edgmont Fire Company, but also Rocky Run Fire Company. He also spent time running at Media Fire company and was a firefighter/EMT with Goshen Fire Company. At the time of his death, he was on patrol for the Delaware County Park Police.

Joe had a contagious smile, enjoyed a great conversation, and had many a witty comment to share. He was a leader, a mentor, a friend, and brother to all of us. He enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others and took pride in helping others succeed. His impact on the communities he served will never be forgotten and surely missed.